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Insurance and Fees

Your treatment is offered on an “out of network” basis. I do not contract with or receive payment directly from insurance companies out of concern for quality of care, privacy, and freedom from third party influence. Payment of the full fee is required at the time of service. If desired, I will provide a statement that contains the necessary documentation to submit for insurance purposes . If your insurance allows for out of network coverage, you may use it to obtain partial reimbursement or credit toward your deductible by personally submitting a claim. Any payments should be sent to you directly by your insurer.

  • Payment by third parties for adult patients is not accepted, as it tends to undermine the objective of mutual responsibility in the therapeutic relationship.
  • Medicare Beneficiaries can only be seen on a Private Contract Basis, in which no Medicare claim is made.
  • Medicaid is not accepted

Professional Fee Schedule

First Visit - G eneral Psychiatric Evaluation [75 min]                                                 $375

Individual Psychotherapy or Medication Management [50 min]                                    $225

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